Taschen und Schmuck vom Strauß

Designerschmuck aus Straußenei von Mambu, Südafrika

Galerie (copyright Contigo)

Über Mambu Design

  • Mambu” from Kalimambu means "thank you" in Shangane, which is a widely spoken language in Southern Africa. 
  • Founded by Francoise de Oliveira and Dominic McCabe, a husband and wife collaboration, both with Fine Arts and Commercial backgrounds. This company now comprises of a solid and dedicated team of 29 craftsmen.
  • As a team, MAMBU DESIGN has a strong sense of family, with a quest for equality and fairness in all that they produce, as well as the manner in which production takes place.
  • It is these ethics that enabled MAMBU DESIGN and CONTIGO to establish a strong working relationship, in successfully marketing and distributing
  • MAMBU DESIGN uses a variety of different materials that support the ostrich egg as its principal foundation. 
  • The strength of this team is in the ability to visualise the egg having the potential to become unique sculpted pieces of jewelry that enhance the look and the feel of the individual that wears it. 
  • There has never been two identical ostrich eggs, like the fingerprint, each shell is unique in its texture, shape and colour.
  • Supporting MAMBU DESIGN’s range of hand-crafted jewelry are the strikingly distinct decorative pieces that combine the mystery of the African tradition with the unmistakable sophistication of Europe.